Lonny B. Winrich

The flood and fire events of the spring of 1997 caused the workload of the Historic Preservation Commission to increase a hundredfold. The complexity of federal regulations, the intensity of the time constraints, and the myriad of details which could be lost in the mix, complicated every action taken in the city. Much of the historic architecture of the city was in jeopardy.

During this especially intense period in the history of Grand Forks, Lonny Winrich served as point man for the Preservation Commission. Not only was he a knowledgeable spokesperson for the Commission positions, but he was also an adept liaison for the Commission, the City, the State, and the many federal agencies involved in historic properties and flood recovery. He donated literally hundreds of hours beyond paid staff time to promote the goals of historic preservation. After leaving his paid position with the Commission, Lonny has continued to devote time, energy and expertise to preserving and promoting the history of Grand Forks.

The Grand Forks Historic Preservation Commission presents the Griggs Award to Lonny B. Winrich for his tireless commitment in word and deed to the preservation of Grand Forks’ heritage.