Several presentations have been developed for interested groups. If you would like us to make one of these presentations to your organization, please contact us at 772-8756 or

    • Grand Forks Historic Preservation Commission – Focuses on a short history of the Commission and a review of current activities and projects.
    • Water, Water Everywhere – Subtitled “How the Enforcement of Federal Historic Preservation Regulations Helped Save Grand Forks,” the presentation gives an overview of early flood recovery and how it was affected by the presence of federal aid.
    • The Near Southside Historic District – Provides background for the historic district and, through pictures and narrative, gives a tour of the various architectural styles in the district.
    • The Downtown Historic District – A brief overview, through pictures and narrative, of the history and architecture of downtown Grand Forks.
    • The University of North Dakota Historic District – A brief review of UND architecture and history.
    • The Riverside Neighborhood Historic District – A brief review of Riverside’s architecture and history.

Commissioners and staff have some expertise in preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings. If you are contemplating changes or restoration work, we will be happy to help you discover the best way to complete your work while retaining the architectural significance of your historic property. Please call our office to discuss the proposed work.