Andy Swanson

The Alexander Griggs Award has been given to historians and librarians, newspapermen and philanthropists, teachers and public servants.  This is the first time it is being presented to a builder.

Andy Swanson builds new homes.  He builds many of them in old neighborhoods, often on small lots.  When the City called for compatible housing to fill in empty city-owned lots, he was the first builder to respond.  He took a chance, financially and personally, because he likes history, he likes Grand Forks, and he likes a challenge.  Andy offered up charming, detailed plans with steeply pitched roofs, big windows, and front porches.  He managed to build and sell them at a price considered reasonable in today’s market and he worked with prospective owners to help them make it “their own.”  Andy used City programs, open to all, in the best possible way to design and build houses which, by their style and scale, merge into the historic neighborhoods in which they are placed and help to preserve the appearance and character of those neighborhoods.

For his pioneering and continuing leadership in providing our historic neighborhoods with infill housing that is both appropriate and attractive, the Grand Forks Historic Preservation Commission presents the Alexander Griggs Award to Andrew E. Swanson.