Curt Siewert

Curt Siewert was a true friend of historic preservation.  The evidence of this shows in the exceptional detailing on our downtown building facades, in the infill housing in our older neighborhoods, in the statue of Founding Father Alexander Griggs.  His job — working with federal funds — required that he carefully monitor activities that could affect historic properties.  He was exceptionally good at this because historic preservation was more than just a job; it was a calling, a passion.   

 Curt understood preservation, not as a government regulation to be manipulated or avoided, but as a welcome necessity.   Curt respected history and its lessons, and believed future generations should know and love the city as he did.  Before the flood but, especially, after it he fought to maintain and restore Grand Forks’ built heritage.  He worked tirelessly for historic preservation, whether on his own home or on projects throughout our community.  He knew Grand Forks, her buildings, and the people and stories behind them.  As future generations tell the stories of Grand Forks, Curt Siewert will rightfully have a prominent place in them. 

 The Grand Forks Historic Preservation Commission presents the Alexander Griggs Award to Curt Siewert for his tireless commitment in word and deed to the preservation of Grand Forks’ heritage.